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Procedures. The Teaching ALWAYS Actions are ‘must do’ behaviors or essential teaching practices teachers must do every day in their classrooms to ensure students are engaged and therefore, learning.

Action 1: Procedures

Have a well-managed classroom with very well-defined classroom rules and procedures that are clearly communicated to students.

Alignment to Evidence-Based Practice: Hattie’s Meta-Analysis (2009)

Sample: Create an environment where everyone listens, cares and has positive regard for each other.

ProceduresThe ultimate goal is to get the first day of school off to a good start by communicating and teaching students about the rules and procedures. Students, much like us, want to work in environments where consistency is applied and fairness remains a priority. Students gain better opportunities to engage in learning when they fell safe and cared about. Establishing rules and procedures affords students this safety.

The majority of students engage in learning when teachers continuously communicate, teach, and assess classroom rules and procedures. When students fail to pay attention to a particular rule or procedure, re-teach and re-assess students. Remember, when considering rules and procedures – what we permit, we promote.

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