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Passing teacher certification tests is a basic requirement for teacher licensure in most states. The test results are used to measure aspiring teachers’ knowledge and skills to ensure they are qualified to teach. Since each state sets its own standards, testing requirements vary from state to state.


  • General Knowledge Exam (GK) – basic skills with four sub-tests in English Language skills, Reading, Math and Essay Writing
  • Professional Education Exam (PEd) – knowledge of pedagogy and professional practices in eight areas
  • Subject Area Exam (SAE) – skill and knowledge to teach a specific grade and/or subject area

To help you prepare for each exam, FTCE provides current test information guides. These include a description of the test, a list of competencies and skills tested, and a reference sheet with suggested resources. They also offer computer-based testing tutorials, preparation videos, and score interpretation guides.

Although these resources can be helpful, we have learned from our students that they are not comprehensive enough to adequately prepare you for the exams.


If you fail an exam, you may retake it after waiting 31 days and paying again, sometimes at a higher fee. Therefore, it saves you time and money to pass these tests on your first try.

Thorough test preparation is essential but there are other significant considerations:

  • your level of test anxiety,
  • self-confidence,
  • ability to focus, and
  • understanding test taking strategies.

While it’s completely normal to feel nervous about a big test, some people find test taking debilitating. After all, you’re being tested not only on the material on the exam but also on how you perform in high stress situations. You’re watching the clock; you’re watching other people leave early; you’re afraid of failure and you’re aware that your teaching career depends on these tests.


There is a test preparation company in Florida that specializes in helping teacher candidates pass the three Florida Teacher Certification Exams. Dr. Jason Ampel, a former teacher and current professor at The University of Central Florida, founded The Learning Liaisons to teach you to prep smart, practice the right way and use the right resources.

Jason was labeled a Track B student and placed in remedial reading and math classes from Kindergarten all the way through 10th grade. With encouragement from his parents, he took a few dual enrollment courses in high school and eventually graduated with several college credits under his belt. He attributes the successful completion of his bachelors, masters and doctoral degrees to his parents who believed in him, gave him confidence, and encouraged him to succeed.

Dr. A. (as he’s called) understands the psychological components of test taking.

“These exams are NOT indicative of how smart you are OR how great of a teacher you are. They solely test how well you can perform on that specific exam. We help teachers pass their exams because we have been through it. We know how you are feeling, what you are experiencing and more importantly, we understand your frustrations. With our team, “it’s when you pass your Florida Teacher Certification Exams, not if you pass.”

According to Dr. A., the keys to first-attempt success on these exams are Knowledge, Skill and Attitude.


Learn everything about the test you are taking, which is more important than the content. You’ll find most of these test details on the FTCE website.

  • What score do you need to pass?
  • Do you know how many questions you have to get right to pass GK Math?
  • Should you guess at the questions you can’t answer or should you leave them blank?
  • What skills and competencies are being tested?
  • How long do you have to take the test?
  • What question should you be on halfway through the allotted time?
  • Do you know what five areas the graders look for on the GK Essay?


You must understand test taking strategies. The key to effective proven strategies is all about understanding how the questions are written on your FTCE’s. Learning Liaison tools teach you about the ‘no fishing, no swimming, scavenger hunt and destination-plan-follow strategies’.


The phrase, ‘If you think you will fail, you will’, is 100% true on these big-stake, high-stress exams. Memorizing study guides and repeating practice tests is a recipe for failure. It is important to build confidence and develop a positive attitude regarding the concepts and strategies to be successful test takers.


Dr. A. and The Learning Liaisons have helped more than 6,000 teachers pass the Florida Teacher Certification Exams. They helped our students overcome their fear of these tests by giving them the knowledge, skills and attitude to pass the tests.

Their vision is to provide learners, teachers and parents the necessary tools to grow confidence levels, exceed way past their expectations and live their life to the fullest.”

The Learning Liaisons offers a variety of study materials to match learning styles.

  • Workshops, video courses, practice tests, 1-1 tutoring
  • Boot camps in English Language Skills, Reading and Math
  • Sample reading passages, essay prompts, session recordings
  • Courses and coaching for PK-3, K-6, 5-9 and 6-12 for Subject Area Exams
  • Exam Performance Program which trains you to be calm, confident and focused


“We’ve got your back so you can clear up this testing confusion and pass!”         

–  Dr. A, The Learning Liaisons



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