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Educators are resourceful. Think about it. As K12 educators, we share lesson plans, bulletin board ideas, and partner with local businesses and the local community to get supplies for our kids and classrooms. As university educators, we often recruit practitioners to come to our classrooms and share their experiences with students. What happens when we throw technology in the mix? What’s the added power of technology, social media?

Resources for educators become limitless. Here’s a recent example from TeacherReady colleague, Tiffany Latshaw:

Reaching out with technology, whether it’s email, Internet browsing, or social media, allows educators like Tiffany to connect with resources beyond their immediate surroundings. We are no longer limited to who we know personally or who lives near us; technology allows us to extend connections simply by reaching out and identifying the content we seek. Ever get an idea for a bulletin board from Pinterest or share a Kahn Academy video with students needing an assist in linear algebra? Share your #EdTech and other teacher tips with us on Facebook!


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