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The power of identification is often the jumping off point for individuals on their way to achieving great results. As educators, we might argue that without the power of identification nothing can be accomplished. Celebrated, yet now deceased renowned educator Rita Pierson, conveyed this in a TedTalk suggesting that kids do not learn from individuals they don’t like.  Watch the video below.

The power of identification allows us to say, “yes, I think like that,” or “yes, I felt like that,” or “yes, that happened to me… so if this works for you, then maybe it can work for me too.”

So how can educators and leaders use the power of identification when working with students, staff, and colleagues? Translate its meaning to focus on the “Why” in training, professional development, and coursework. For example, focus on “why” in the curriculum or conversation and through storytelling:

This is why you should care (as a teacher, leader, professor, doctor, or nurse) personally

This is how and why you make a difference in people’s (students, colleagues, parents, patient’s, patient’s family) educational or healthcare experience…

Related to the student achievement / clinical / administrative outcome(s) you want of __________, this is why…

As educators, it’s exciting to think about the possibility of win-win-win when always behaviors, curriculum and training is communicated via “why.” It’s personal because we chose education to make a difference in the lives of others and in our communities.


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