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Communication is key when working with students and their parents. Parents know that their child’s education lies in your hands. Teachers must help to remove the anxiety from parents and a great way to do this is to introduce yourself. This sounds simple, but it can go a long way and result in parent support.

Earn parent support with AIDET®

Earn parents support by introducing yourself.Acknowledge: Acknowledge the parent or caregiver. Say hello and greet each of them.

Introduce: Introduce yourself, provide information about your credentials and training, explain why you are qualified to teacher their child.

Duration: Describe what will occur in the first few weeks of school or identify a particular project and length of time.

Explanation: Explain what you will provide for the student, but remember, you are educating the parent about what could be expected.

Thank You: Thank the parent for talking with you and provide your contact information and encourage the parent to contact you at any time.

AIDET® Example


Hello Ms. Greene, I am Mr. Wynne and I am going to be Deron’s teacher this year. I want this year to be the best school year that he has ever had.


Ms. Greene I want you to know that I am a certified teacher with 15 years of experience in banking. Teaching is my second career. It has always been my dream to teach and I intend to work with all of my students so that we can all be successful. I am excited to begin this year.


Together we can help and support Deron to learn this year. This week, he will bring home our classroom procedures that we will follow so that every student has the opportunity to learn.


At the end of the first 30 days of school, I am going to send a survey to you. This survey will give you a chance to provide feedback to me about how you think Deron is doing.

Thank You

Thank you, Ms. Greene, for being a part of our school. I look forward to working with you and Deron this year. If you have any questions, you can contact me at 432-7051. Is this phone number the best way to contact you?

Have a great day, Ms. Greene.


For more way to start meaningful conversations with parents click on the following link: 12 Conversation Starters on What Parents Want You (Teachers) To Know

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