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Dual-State Certification

We can help you earn your Educator Certification in Florida and Oklahoma in less than a year.  We already have teachers on the ground in Oklahoma, making a difference for students, improving classroom outcomes, and helping to address the teacher shortage.

Here’s how it works


Admissions doesn’t have to be complicated. You can complete the application and enrollment process in 72 hours. We will make sure that you have all the right pieces in place from the very beginning to begin your paperwork with the state while completing your admissions requirements for the program.


Once you have been enrolled, you will complete the 3 components required to meet Florida Teacher Certification requirements: Online Coursework, Field work in a local school, and the Florida certification exams.


A TeacherReady® Advisor will coach you through the process to apply for your Oklahoma certificate. This will involve an application, a background check, and possibly an exam.

Choose Quality

Your success is our top priority. The TeacherReady® program was designed with today’s adult-learning needs in mind. The program is flexible and self-paced, with a focus on helping you become an excellent teacher.

Explore the Difference

Success Team

You will be paired with the TeacherReady® team member who specializes in helping your earn your dual-state certification.

Online Learning

You will have control of your coursework schedule. You will not be required to log into your course at specific times or visit a brick and mortar college campus.

Accelerated Solution

You can work through our program at an accelerated pace,. It’d possible to finish your coursework in 6 months.

Master’s Credits

Earn one third of your master’s degree. CSU Global Campus offers 12 credits in their Teaching and Learning Master’s program for student who have completed the TeacherReady® program.

No matter how you decide earn your certification, the greatest outcome is your students’ success. When we set out to build a more flexible certification program, we started with one question:

“What are the most important practices that teachers need today to help their students succeed?”

The Oklahoma Teacher Shortage

More students enter the classroom, every year, while the national teacher shortage continues to grow. Oklahoma is taking measures to address this growing issue by filling teacher vacancies with educated people on emergency certification. Our goal is to help these brand new teachers get the training that they need to be excellent educators, while on the job. If you are one of these teachers, let us help set you up for success.


Certification Success Team

Contact us with your questions about Oklahoma certification.