Instructional Calendar: Mapping Out the School Year

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  • An instructional calendar is a valuable tool for mapping out curriculum standards, to ensure appropriate pacing, and to support studentinstructional calendar mastery of required content. Creating this instructional calendar is one of the most important things you can do before the school year begins.


  • The instructional calendar is the foundation of all other plans and are be found in a variety of formats, from digital apps to paper calendars.


  • Determine state/district/school requirements for instructional calendars.
  • Decide your method & get a calendar for each month.calendar app
  • Get a copy of your district’s academic calendar (& plug in the holidays, workdays, professional development days, & any other day that will interrupt regular instruction).
  • Get a copy of any available scope & sequence documents.
  • Determine which standards will be logically grouped (for units & days within units).
  • Start thinking through how long it might take for students to master each standard.
  • Begin plotting your standards.

Reflection & Application:

What elements of an instructional calendar have you already been using? What tip might enhance your planning and preparation?

Erica Callaway, TeacherReady®

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