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Men of Color Make Up Less than 2% of the Nation’s Teachers

Man Up Teacher Fellowship, Inc. is changing this!


Men of Color Make Up Less than 2% of the Nation’s Teachers

Man Up Teacher Fellowship, Inc. is changing this!

Man Up helps men of color become teachers.

About Man Up:

Man Up’s purpose is to recruit, train and place a talented pipeline of men of color who can be impactful in any school setting and to work relentlessly to ensure the success of all students. Man Up Teacher Fellows will have an opportunity to earn a Master’s of Education degree at no cost! Man Up partners with education institutions including Relay Graduate School, TeacherReady, the University of Mississippi and the University of Memphis. Additionally, Man Up Teacher Fellows will earn an additional $5,000 per year in addition to their salary for up to three years! Man Up Teacher Fellowship is a 5-year program.

The Need:

  • Black men make up less than 2% percent of the nation’s teachers.
  • Low-income black students who have at least one black teacher in elementary school are significantly more likely to graduate from high school and consider attending college.
  • From 2002 to 2012, the number of black teachers in nine major cities across the U.S. declined – in some cases at startling rates – ranging from a 15% decrease in New York to a 62% decrease in New Orleans.
  • According to Hickling (2017), there are three primary reasons men don’t teach: (1) low status, (2) low pay, and (3) fear of false accusations

Man Up Teacher Fellowship has teacher programs that can be pursued no matter where you may be in life – from high school to college to those considering a career change.

The Graduate Lane

A graduate candidate has an undergraduate degree and meets admissions requirements to Relay Graduate School of Education, TeacherReady, Mississippi State University and the University of Memphis.

Upon Fellowship acceptance, Man Up Teacher Fellows will earn a Master of Arts in Teaching at no cost and earn an additional $5,000 per year, in addition to their salary, for up to three years. During the Fellowship, Man Up Teacher Fellows complete coursework through one of partner institutions of higher education while also participating in practice and application sessions through the Man Up Teacher Residency Program.

Once program requirements are complete and state licensure requirements are met, Man Up Teacher Fellowship will assist graduates with job placement and provide ongoing coaching and support for up to three years.

Other programs through Man Up include the Undergrad Lane for undergraduate students aspiring to be teachers and Teach 2nd for men retiring from the armed services or the business sector.

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