Write Clear Learning Objectives for Student Acheivement

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Write Clear Learning Objectives for Student Achievement. Dr. Wes Gordon presents on writing clear, data-driven, learning objectives to drive student achievement. Learn how to assess without teaching to the test, lesson plan, and help students take ownership of their learning. In the presentation, Dr. Gordon begins by sharing why learning objectives are necessary as they serve as a “road map” for a lesson; in setting the stage for “why,” Dr. Gordon also shares Popham’s quote that, “teachers who truly understand what they want their students to accomplish will almost surely be more successful as a teacher…” The presentation includes tips and tactics for teachers to take action and offers insights into how to begin to write learning objectives. Check out Dr. Gordon’s presentation via YouTube.


Wes Gordon is a TeacherReady Instructor and Fifth-Grade ELA teacher in Pensacola, FL. Wes earned both is Bachelor’s in Elementary Education and Master’s in Reading Education from East Strousberg University. He has taught at both the primary and intermediate grade levels and served as President of the Escambia County Literacy Teachers Association, where he provided literacy development for teachers. He has also worked as a district Literacy Coach for elementary teachers in state DA status schools. Wes has volunteered with the Florida Department of Education as an Instructional Materials Reviewer, making recommendations for text series to be used in the school adoption process.


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