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Learn Antonyms! Not sure about you, but as an elementary teacher I sometimes think, “Pseudonyms and Antonyms and Synonyms, Oh My!” Are your students confused? Here’s a great activity that is played similar to the game Simon Says. In this game, however, whatever “Aunt Nym” or says to do, the students do the opposite. For example, “Aunt Nym says, “Put your hands near the ground.” Students will put their hands above their heads.

Learn about Antonyms

This is a great opportunity, too, for teachers of foreign languages to use with their students in learning a new language. In this case, the teacher might use a statement such as “Maestro dice buscar una fotografía de una hamburguesa” and have the students actually show or act out what he or she is saying. In this case, a Spanish teacher is asking students to show her a picture of a hamburger. This Teacher Tip brought to you via http://www.ilovethatteachingidea.com/ideas/020207_auntonym_says.htm.

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