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Educators are often asked, why did you go into education? Today in Chicago at What’s Right in Education, Dr. Pat Greco, Superintendent of Menomonee Falls School District shared it’s “to give life chances to children.”

Why Teach

We also asked this question to our colleagues. Below is the response from Dr. Melissa Matarazzo, a coach leader for Studer Education:

I became a teacher because it was the hardest thing I could think of to do, and the most important. I attended a unique summer program prior to my senior year of high school, and shifted my focus from being a translator for the Foreign Service to being a teacher. My teachers and classmates in the program helped me see the tremendous advantages I appreciate, and the potential of public education to empower individuals to make their best lives.

What about you? Why did you choose to go into education or are you thinking about going into education? We invite you to share with us on our Facebook page at, and to engage with others who share the same passion for children.


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