Getting Inspired: The spark that drove this student to seek his online teaching certification

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For most of us, the careers we choose align to our passions. This passion is typically derived from a personal life experience that ignites a spark within—something that truly inspires us. For Todd Nemyo, a current TeacherReady® teacher candidate, his desire to earn his online teaching certification came from his work at a state juvenile facility. As Todd completes his teacher certification coursework online, he continues to work at the juvenile facility. Thus, he is constantly reminded of his purpose and why he wants to be a teacher: to help the youth improve their lives through education. Here is what Todd had to say with regards to this:

Based upon socioeconomic factors, education can be utilized to move people into higher income brackets. Research has shown that by increasing education levels of individuals, it will generally improve their economic status. I am interested in helping students raise their level of academic productivity to provide them a better life. This is why I would like to become a certified teacher.

Are you currently serving an organization that has inspired you to teach? How can you use the skills you have learned from past life experiences to motivate you to successfully complete our online teaching certification program? Everyone gets into education for an important reason. What inspired you to visit us today?

Asti Kelley, TeacherReady®

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