Resiliency: A Teacher’s Commitment to the Future of Education

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Amie Canter

Amie Canter: A Teacher's Commitment to the Future of EducationTeacherReady® certified teacher, leader, and advocate for students and teachers, Amie Canter, is continuing her work making a positive change in education. Canter’s innovative classroom can serve as an example for fellow teachers of what is working well. She is presenting these insights through published white papers, a guide to building an accelerated classroom, a recently launched website, and free professional development trainings.

Due to the overwhelming success of the her first white paper, “Advanced Concepts for a Better Future”, Canter has since published two additional white papers:

“States United in Education”

In this paper you will learn positive methods with identifying, engaging, and strengthening “at-risk” students. An at-risk student management model is also included. This will not only support your ability to successfully maintain goals, but also help develop a support system. Recommendations on how we can improve our current system of managing at-risk students is discussed in detail.

“Real Life Teaching for Real Life Students”

In this paper, reawaken your identity as a teacher and dig deep to pursue goals while exploring how these goals affect your instructional methods. Learn about rules to teach by and see how this will guide you when building an accelerated classroom. This third white paper has been accepted for publication by the London International Conference in Education (LICE 2017). Canter will also be an author presenter at the University of Cambridge this December.

Advanced Concepts for a Better Future: A Teacher's Commitment to the Future of Education
Canter has also recently launched her website, Advanced Concepts for a Better Future, which provides resources with advanced concepts and accelerated teaching methods that aim to promote student success.

On top of these endeavors, Canter is offering free professional development trainings in July and August. The goal of these training sessions is to reignite passion for teaching through learning how to develop happy, engaged, and accelerated classrooms that will lead to a Better Future. Registration is currently open.

Canter is a model teacher and leader who demonstrates what right looks like. We celebrate her and commend her efforts in the pursuit of classroom innovation and educational excellence.


Asti Kelley, TeacherReady® 

All Photos from: Advanced Concepts for a Better Future

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  • Ian Canning

    We are truly blessed to have Ms Canter teaching our daughter and supporting her educational growth.

    • Mandy Volodymyrenko

      I couldn’t agree more, Ian. Amie is an inspiration. We are so proud to have her as an Alumni Member, and amazed by the work that she has been doing. This opportunity to work with her and get a closer look at the difference she is making has been delightful. Thank you for sharing with us!

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