For the Love of Teaching

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Teachers are amazing people.  We constantly push and rediscover ourselves as the education system changes and develops. We lose sleep over kids that are in our classroom; we never stop believing in them. Check out this video from The Teaching Channel (here or by clicking on the image below):


Why? For the love of teaching… One of our teachers recently shared:

The love of teaching is such a powerful feeling. Seeing students rise to success, achieve what they thought was impossible, have that aha! moment when everything suddenly makes sense; those are the things that make teaching awesome and that drive me to love what I do.

Teachers who love what they do will go to any extent to do it well. They make sure students have what they need to be successful. They enjoy creating and discovering new ways to present material and lessons so that those few students who didn’t get it the day before may be able to access the information. In fact, just writing this post makes me excited to find some great ideas to share with you… That is what the love of teaching is all about!


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