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Jack McMullen helps aspiring teachers earn their teaching certification online. Jack graduated from the University of West Florida with a Bachelor’s in public Relations and then returned to earn a Master’s in Strategic Communications. Although Jack does not have a background in education, many of the people who have had the greatest impact in his life have been teachers.

His grandfather, Moir Hill, recently retired from Breckenridge Middle school in Roanake, VA where he taught for 54 years. In April, the school board recognized him by renaming the campus gym after him – a great honor for a Physical Education teacher and lifelong coach.

Jack was inspired to reconnect to his own work at the dedication ceremony:

“Listening to his fellow teachers, administrators, and students talk about the impact he made on their lives not only made me extremely proud of him, but also made me proud of the position I am in today with TeacherReady. I help aspiring teachers earn their online teaching certification so that they can have the same impact for their students and communities”


A Coach’s Influence

Jack grew up in a military family and moved around a lot throughout middle and high school. He had a passion for athletics and fitness but found it difficult to really connect to his team as the new kid on campus, until one coach made a lasting impression:

 “Coach Boyette noticed that I was new and took me under his wing. He made me feel important and made the transition from middle school to high school easier for me… We still keep in touch.”

His experience with teachers like Coach Boyette gave him a sense of belonging and direction.

“Those interactions have helped shape me in my current role helping student through the admissions process with TeacherReady.”


Paving the Road to Success

Admissions for an online teaching certification program is a little different than with a traditional school. Students need extra support in an environment where they can’t just visit the campus at any time. Many have never studied online before.

“Many of our students come from different backgrounds. I was not an educator, either. My background is in communications. So, I enjoy making the connection between their journey and education for them. I help them decide if the program is what they need. I’m essentially the stepping stone between new teachers and the students they will inspire… I never understood how complex the teacher certification process was and the requirements needed to earn online teacher certification until I came into this role. Being able to connect those dots for aspiring teachers so that they can concentrate on making a difference for students is extremely rewarding. It me proud to be a part of the TeacherReady team.”

I have learned a lot of from my colleagues, many who are previous educators, about the online teaching certification process and its complexities.

I work closely with my colleagues who have an education background to serve my students effectively. It’s always a learning environment. Having someone like Dr. Miller that can talk you through the process is extremely helpful. Her help and the help of other educators on our team made my transition into TeacherReady so much easier.


What stands out about TeacherReady’s Online Teaching Certification?

TeacherReady has some distinctive differences from other accredited online teacher certification programs. One of the main benefits is the flexibility of the program.

“Most of the time we are working with students who are looking to change their career path. These students need a program, like TeacherReady, that offers flexibility. Our online learning system allows students to accept ownership of their studies. TeacherReady is an ideal fit for anyone looking to change their career without sacrificing the time that a graduate program demands.”

“When joining TeacherReady, I knew I was joining a team that is dedicated to making a difference.  It is important to me that my personal mission statement and values align to the work that I am do for a living… Since joining the team, I have had the chance to help so many of my students get a teacher certification online.”


Why do you believe in this online teacher certification program?

One of the greatest benefits of being on an admissions team for an education program is that you get to see the whole journey. From the decisions process to the impact the teacher has on their students. Sometimes, there are those stories that stick with you.

“I have had the privilege to work with many inspiring teachers, but one student really stands out. His name is Jason. Jason was a soldier that transitioned to teaching through our online teaching certification program.”

Jason served in the Army Special Forces and was also a little league baseball and football coach. When he retired from the military, he knew two things. He wanted to continue serving his community and he had a passion for working with children. Jason took the skills that he learned during his service into the classroom. He began working with special education students as a teacher’s assistant while pursuing his teacher certification online.

“I got to help him begin his journey. It is students like Jason who make me believe in this program and the future excellence of our educators.”

While in the program, we asked Jason to give advice to other military service members who are thinking of becoming teachers.


What advice would you give to students thinking of joining an online teacher certification program?

“The best advice that I can give a student who is thinking about joining is to ask questions. I think oftentimes the students that succeed are the ones that ask questions. Our main priority is ensuring that our program is the right fit for you. We also help potential students to determine if teaching as a whole is the right choice for their career path. If you are deciding whether teaching is right for you, I suggest taking advantage of our free resources. We have weekly webinars, a sample lesson, a lot of literature in our blog and on our website, and an entire success team that you can talk to.  Our students’ success in the program is our main priority.  We want to make sure that all questions are fully answered so that they can make the right choices for them and their students.”


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