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Feedback. The Teaching ALWAYS Actions are ‘must do’ behaviors or essential teaching practices teachers must do every day in their classrooms to ensure students are engaged and therefore, learning. See earlier posts from this week for Action 1: Procedures, Action 2: Targets, and Action 3: Practice.

Action 4: Feedback

Constantly give feedback to students, create ways for students to self-assess, and include strategies for students to give feedback to each other to know when they have learned and where learning gaps exist. Know how to close the gaps.

Alignment to Evidence-Based Practice: Hattie’s Meta-Analysis Research (2009)

Offer feedback (teachers to students, students to students).

Offer feedback loops between teacher and student on small units of well-defined, appropriately sequenced instruction.

To get the most out of practice sessions, teachers need to provide students with very specific feedback, congratulating them for their accomplishments and providing specific and timely feedback to help them improve their performance. The type of feedback, the time at which the feedback is provided, and the way teachers advise students will determine if students stay engaged in the learning process and better yet, own their learning.






















What does this mean in action? What teachers expect students to accomplish (learning target) must align to learning tasks (things students do in class). As students perform the task(s) teachers provide specific feedback to recognize what students do well and assist them to overcome learning gaps.

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Hattie, John. (2009). Visible Learning: A Synthesis of Over 800 Meta-Analyses Relating to Achievement. New York, NY: Routledge.

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