How do I get a mentor teacher?


If you are not currently teaching, you will provide us the contact information for two local school districts, two private/charter school options, and your choice of school, subject, and grade level. A TeacherReady Field Placement Advisor will contact the school district on your behalf to begin seeking a mentor teacher. During this process, you will need work with your Field Placement Advisor to communicate with the school and complete the requirements for establishing a mentor in that school. This may involve paperwork, background checks, online training specific to the school, a discovery meeting, etc.

Our goal is to secure a mentor for you as quickly as we can, but there are many varying factors involved based on location, individual district needs, and your individual needs. Most of our students are placed with their mentor within the first 16 weeks of the program. Until your mentor placement has been established, you will volunteer in a local school. You are required to complete 185 field hours to fulfill your mentorship requirement. 45 of these hours can be volunteer hours. Any field assignments that you must complete, prior to being placed with a mentor can either be completed in you volunteer work or held until you have been placed with a mentor.

If you are currently teaching in a PK-12 institution, and you are teaching your desired subject area and grade level of certification, you will do the field work in your own classroom. You will work with your principal/school administrator to establish a mentor in your school.

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