Do I have to complete the edTPA Portfolio Assessment? (Georgia only)


The Georgia Professional Standards Commission (GaPSC) voted to adopt new Certification Rules on April 10, 2014. One new rule requires teacher candidates who complete student teaching in Fall 2015 or later to earn a passing score on the edTPA before they can become eligible for an induction teaching certificate in Georgia. edTPA is a performance-based, subject-specific, student centered multiple measure assessment of teaching. Teacher candidates must prepare an edTPA portfolio assessment during their student teaching clinical experience and submit once they have completed their teaching certification program.

Portfolio Assessment

Everyone getting a Georgia teaching certificate (from and in-state or out of state program) is now required to do an EdTPA portfolio assessment if they have not successfully taught at least a year.  To confirm if your teaching experience counts or not, you will need to connect with the Georgia Professional Standards Board at

What is EdTPA?

EdTPA is a portfolio assessment where students provide authentic evidence of lesson planning, teaching, and assessment with follow up reflections. It is performance-based and subject-specific.  It includes 27 teaching fields for special assessments and there is a handbook available for each subject area.  Each subject area has between 15-18 rubrics that candidates are scored on. Handbooks guide students through the process of creating this portfolio and contains rubrics for scoring. More information can be found at

Candidates will access the handbooks and templates in the portfolio system they use to build their portfolios at the EdTPA site.

The EdTPA has 3 tasks:  Task 1 – Planning, Task 2 – Instruction, Task 3 – Student Assessment and Enrichment.

Task 1– Candidates justify their lesson planning detailing their k-12 students’ development and prior knowledge. Candidates submit lesson plans for 3-5 consecutive lessons along with any supporting materials like handouts and assignments.

Task 2- Candidates video and upload 1-2 unedited clips of their teaching in a classroom. Candidates justify how they create a positive learning environment and how they engage students. Candidates also reflect on their teaching and discuss what they would change based on the video.

Task 3- Candidates will choose one of their student assessments from that teaching time frame, justify it, and analyze student learning.  Work samples and related feedback for 3 students must also be submitted. Candidates will detail plans for next steps of instruction based on this data.

After the candidate completes the tasks, they submit them electronically for evaluation to EdTPA.  This costs $300 for the original scoring. Candidates can retake part or all of the assessment. Retakes cost $100 per task resubmitted.

Students transferring their Florida certificate to Georgia must pass the EdTPA prior to Georgia issuing a GA Teaching Certificate unless you have at least a year of successful teaching experience. To confirm if your teaching experience counts or not, you will need to connect with the Georgia Professional Standards Board at

How to get started

You will register at  In the candidate box you will see how to register, manage your portfolio, and online training.  There is a very informative Getting Started Summary page found at that walks you through everything step by step.

Important Notes

You will choose “unaffiliated with a teacher prep program” because TeacherReady® doesn’t require you to pass the EdTPA to complete the TeacherReady® program. This is only a requirement for teaching in Georgia.

When the site discusses options for uploading, you will use the Pearson e Portfolio system to upload your portfolios.

Find additional information on the EdTPA website at .

Here is a link to FAQ on the EdTPA website:

This is an informational message for students planning to work in Georgia. If this does not apply to you or you fulfill the requirements, please disregard.


For additional information please contact:

Dr. Sarah Miller at

Tatiana Keith at

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