Julie Kunselman, Ph.D.

Leader of Research and Development, Studer Education; and Leader of TeacherReady

Dr. Kunselman is Leader of Research and Development at Studer Education, and serves as Leader of TeacherReady. An educator for more than twenty years, she began her career as a high school math teacher through Teach For America before becoming a university professor and administrator. In addition to teaching courses in research, policy, program evaluation, organizational theory, leadership and administration at the university-level, Julie served as department chair of a department with 28 full-time faculty, 800 students, and five academic programs; and as assistant and associate dean. While in the dean’s office, Dr. Kunselman created and led faculty and staff development programs, led a university-wide multi-disciplinary Masters of Science Administration program, and served as the university’s graduate school and research liaison. Julie has published more than 25 articles in areas of leadership, policy, and pedagogy, and coauthored 3 books.

At Studer Education Dr. Kunselman connects with higher education partners, contributes to written reports and publications, and engages in program evaluation, development and delivery of all survey instruments, item reliability and validity assessments, data collection, and analysis and interpretation. She also leads TeacherReady, the state-approved Educator Preparation Institute of the NCATE/CAEP accredited Professional Education Unit at the University of West Florida. Engage with Julie and colleagues on our What’s Right in Education blog at http://WhatsRightInEducation.com, and on Twitter at @StuderEducation and @JulieKunselman.

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