Judy Matthews


Judy Matthews is a life-long resident of Birmingham, Alabama and served for the past 30 years as an educator in two vastly different school districts in the Birmingham area. She served students in the expansive Jefferson County Schools for the first 11 years of her career and the past 20 years in the small, urban Tarrant City Schools. Most recently she was the principal of Tarrant Intermediate School and prior to that she served as principal of the middle school, assistant principal at the middle school and special education teacher at the elementary school. Her 11 years of service in the Jefferson County School System was as a special education teacher.

Mrs. Matthews earned her bachelors degree from the University of Alabama. Her masters degree and educational administrator endorsement were earned from the University of Alabama, Birmingham.

Mrs. Matthews’ experience has been that students’ performance is enhanced when a strong relationship exists between teacher and student. When that relationship is based on high expectations for achievement and is individualized, all students achieve. Educators have the opportunity to shape the future one student at a time.

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