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Providing Students Every Opportunity. Two stories were shared with me this week that reminded me of the passion and purpose to do worthwhile work and to make a difference. Teaching requires a special kind of passion as Dr. Sarah Miller shared in Monday’s post. Read it here. Did you relate to Chris and how he chose to become a teacher after a career in business? Are you as passionate as he is to connect with kids? If so, we need you in the classroom and more importantly students need you!

This is summarized perfectly in a video and message shared with me yesterday by one of my former undergraduate students, Dennis, who is a July 2016 TeacherReady teacher candidate. Dennis writes of the Atlanta Speech School’s video, “Every Opportunity… is terrific. I just had to share it with you!” Check out the video here:

When I connected back with Dennis to thank him for introducing me to the video, I mentioned that it reminded me of days past (when he was an undergraduate) and my Research Methods students completed field observations on “deviant” behavior. At least a few students in each class observed whether individuals at dinner together exchanged conversation with one another or if they were distracted by their cell phones, either playing on it or talking on it. Sadly, much like the beginning of the video shares, these student researchers found lack of attention to and disregard for their dinner partner(s).

Dennis’s email and sharing of Every Opportunity couldn’t have come at a better time—a reminder that we must always remain vigilant—as teachers and parents and civic leaders attempt to explain to children what’s happening daily to undermine relations and well-being. Now more than ever we must focus on recruiting and retaining teachers who bring passion and purpose to the classroom, to connect with young people and all people to provide them every opportunity to engage in meaningful relationships.


Video Every Opportunity retrieved via YouTube via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VxyxywShewI. Featured image a screen shot from the video with School logo added. Learn about the Atlanta Speech School, a comprehensive center for language and literacy, via its website at http://AtlantaSpeechSchool.org and follow the School on Twitter at @AtlSpeechSchool.



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