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Pursuing Education: An Alternative Teaching Certification Program to Reach Your Highest Potential

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A career in education translates to a life of service, fulfillment, and honor. Recently, at the 2018 PACE (Pensacola Area Commitment to Excellence) Awards in Pensacola, FL, this came to fruition for Pensacola native and TeacherReady® Online Certification Program co-founder, Dr. Janet Pilcher. During the ceremony, Janet received the city’s highest honor, a PACE award for the Advocate Leader of the Year. Upon acceptance, Pilcher was reflective on the journey leading up to that moment. She explained how her early years as an educator at the University of West Florida opened the doors for the rewarding leadership roles she has today. Through the TeacherReady® program, Pilcher has had the opportunity to touch the lives of aspiring educators in over 80 countries—highly skilled educators whom may not have had the chance to achieve their career goals had it not been for the alternative teaching certification program. Education and changing lives truly is the spark fueling Pilcher’s desire to continue to grow, learn, and educate the future generation of teachers. How will you use education to change lives and reach your highest potential?




Asti Kelley, TeacherReady®

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