Don’t Underestimate the Difference You Make

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Often times it can be difficult to see the changes and the differences we’re making in the lives of students each and every day. Recently, a TeacherReady student teaching abroad in Thailand reminded us of why we do what we do to help teachers do what they do each and every single day.

I wanted to… let you know that [this] lesson is something that I can apply in my classroom. I have been working with a handful of students and just last week a student who was trying really hard to fall in-between the cracks blew me away. He is always late for class or skips, he comes in smelling like smoke and he never does any homework. He also received a 0 last term with his previous teacher.

I retested him to the level we are on now and at first he got 0/10 questions correct. I spent some of my office hours time working with him.  I even sat down at his lunch table for a good five minutes talking with him and his peers about why it is important to learn English in Thailand. I used the key verbs in his next test when testing him on the vocabulary and he got 10/10 correct! He was so happy that he asked to call his father…

I was so proud of him! I also wrote a note home to his parents and I think he will be able to translate it to them (he told me he could). Ever since he has had the taste of success he has been attending my class. He comes in on time (still smells like smoke but I will choose my battles) and continues to make time to see me for tutoring in my office hours. I couldn’t be more proud… 

– Lisa, TeacherReady student

Take the time to reflect and know that what you do each day matters. Thank you for making a difference in the lives of students.

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