Cooperative Learning with Hula Hoops

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Cooperative Learning Hula HoopEarlier today I was reminded of my student teaching experience when a Mentor suggested to me that it would be helpful to focus on “limiting movement during content delivery” as a means of limiting distractions. If you’re anything like me, I was focused on discovering ways to successfully move students throughout the room and to various learning stations! Here’s a tip for Cooperative Learning from Special Education teacher Serena Matarazzo:

Use hula hoops! Place hula-hoops around the perimeter of your classroom. Groups can sit around the outside of the hoop and keep the “activity,” game pieces, manipulatives, etc. inside of the hoop. This also makes a nice arrangement if you want groups to rotate from one activity to the next. The materials stay inside of the hula-hoop, while the students move around the room.

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