Colorado DOE Recognizes TeacherReady as “Highly Qualified”

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The Colorado Department of Education (DOE) regards TeacherReady, a state approved and nationally accredited teacher preparation program affiliated with the University of West Florida, for initial teacher certification licensure in Colorado and its teachers “highly qualified.”

More than 316 individuals living in Colorado are current or former teacher candidates in TeacherReady. Once they complete TeacherReady, these teachers are considered highly qualified teachers in Colorado and are ready to make a difference in the lives of students.

In addition to this recognition from Colorado’s DOE, TeacherReady works closely with the Troops to Teachers program in Colorado and the Troops to Teachers representatives have been very supportive of the TeacherReady program. The Troops to Teachers organization continues to work to help active duty and retired military to transition into teaching. TeacherReady is particularly attractive to retired and active military personnel who are living in Colorado. It is largely through the support and efforts of the Troops to Teachers’ representatives that TeacherReady received this special designation from the Colorado Department of Education.

The “highly qualified” formal recognition from Colorado DOE provides TeacherReady the unique opportunity to reach out to second career individuals and support them in their teaching endeavors. Thinking about getting your teaching certification in Colorado? Teach with TeacherReady!

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