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To achieve improved student learning, it is important to enlist the parents of our students as partners in the teaching and learning process.

positive phone calls to parentsHigh School Teachers Make Phone Calls to Parents

Some high schools may be reluctant to consider positive phone calls to parents, but one of our local high schools—Milton High School, Santa Rosa County, Florida—uses positive phone calls to improve the connection with their parents.

This is the process Milton High School used to build relationships:

  1. Each week, have teachers send in a name of one of their students to their assigned school administrator. Then, ask teachers to fill out the “Stand Out Student” form explaining why they believe that student should be chosen. Stand Out Students may receive recognition for their manners, positive attitude, or learning improvement.
  2. The administrator should call the Stand Out Student to the office and recognize and compliment the student on their accomplishments. The student will soon realize that he/she is not in trouble, they start to enjoy the moment of recognition.
  3. After speaking with the Stand Out Student, the administrator calls the parents. As soon as parents hear from the school administrator, they immediately think there is a problem. Administrators must be quick with the explanation for the phone call. Be sure the parent understands the purpose of the phone call, which is to recognize and compliment their child.
  4. The school administrator must also recognize the teacher who recommended the student as a Stand Out Student.

Afterwards, there’s more than just one winner

Identifying Stand Out Students creates 4 winners: the student, the parent, the teacher, and the administrator. It’s important to develop relationships with our students and parents. To be more intentional about building relationships, set a goal for your school. A goal for teachers and school leaders is to make at least 3 to 5 positive phone calls home per week. The parent is then pleased with the administrator, the teacher, and most of all his/her child. Positive phone calls home are a great way to build all of those relationships. This method of recognizing and rewarding student success creates positive relationships among all participants.

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