Building a Curriculum Calendar & Lesson Planning

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A curriculum calendar and lesson plans ensure you are teaching all the necessary material throughout the year. Without these items, you may find yourself behind in teaching all content. We suggest you start the process with a broader curriculum calendar and then develop individual lesson plans.

Curriculum Calendar:

Building a curriculum calendar involves looking at the standards you need to teach for the year, thinking through how curriculum many days it will take to teach each standard, and mapping this out on a calendar. If this is your first time teaching a specific subject, you’ll want to consult with someone who has experience in order to get a better idea of what this calendar looks like.

Lesson Plans:

Once this calendar of standards is mapped out, start planning each individual lesson plan. Day one’s lesson plan typically consists of procedures and getting to know you activities. You must have a plan for the first day. Not only do you want to get to know each student, but you want your students to get to know one another, as well. Day two’s lesson plan should consist of continued procedure explanations and diving into the content. It is important that you start students in the routine that you will expect for the rest of the year.


Consider using a web-based lesson planning platform like iLessonReady™, which is also available as an app.

Erica Callaway, TeacherReady®

Feature image: Bruce Clay
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