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Be a Brand Ambassador! When’s the last time your school district sent you an email like this?

Please share the following press release with your [social] network. You can do this by… We encourage all employees to be brand ambassadors and share Huron content.

When’s the last time you were hanging out with other teachers or your friends and celebrated “why your school rocks” like these teachers and students?

Today’s focus on #CareerPride #TeachersMatter returns us to “why” we became teachers. I became a teacher because I wanted to make a difference and offer each child an opportunity to receive an excellent education. Share “why I love teaching” with us on Facebook!


Video accessed “CFMS in Three Words” via YouTube at

If you want to become a teacher, we can help. TeacherReady offers you the opportunity to earn your online teaching certification. The program was developed for teachers by teachers to create better classrooms and brighter futures.


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