Black History Month – How will you celebrate with students?

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Black History MonthThis week Florida State Parks highlighted Black History Month by encouraging folks to “celebrate Black History Month in Florida State Parks” with “travel through the state’s many cultural and historically significant sites.” In the message, the Parks share cultural and historical events that help us reflect on the freedom we enjoy today, that all people may visit our state parks. Here’s one example:

During the Jim Crow Era, Little Talbot Island State Park’s segregated beaches served as one of the locations for St. Augustine activists “wade-in” protests for civil rights. Because of the sacrifices of those who fought for equality, everyone can enjoy what Florida State Parks has to offer…

The Florida State Parks joins many governmental agencies celebrating Black History Month. These agencies often provide educational opportunities for teachers and students. Check out the special “For Teachers” tab at and the added encouragement for teachers to “put the power of primary sources to work in the classroom.” More than 57 primary source resources are available to teachers – Wow!

Black History Month Primary Sources

Resources for teachers National Gallery of Art include online materials such as PDFs, interactive lesson plans, and podcasts; they can also borrow free-loan resources such as teaching packets and DVDs/VHS on African American art and artists. Do you know the art of Romare Bearden? Learn more.

How are you celebrating and exploring Black History Month with your students? Share a comment with us here or on Facebook.


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Photo Credit and Ownership “Celebrate Black History Month”: Florida Department of Environmental Protection Division of Recreation and Parks. Retrieved from Florida State Parks email dated 2/7/2017. Visit Florida State Parks on the web at and follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

Photo Credit of “Selected Resources for Teachers”: Screen clip from on 2/8/2017.

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