Best Practices: What’s Working Well For Sheri Green

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A Standout Teacher in the Making

Sheri Green, a teacher candidate currently completing the TeacherReady® program, says she always wanted to be a teacher.

“I wanted to inspire, motivate, encourage and help develop our children. My biggest motivation was just giving back to our youth, which in my opinion are the future.”

Sheri Green shares her TeacherReady best practices.Sheri was hired in Shelby County, Tennessee without her teaching certificate. Due to the teacher shortage throughout the United States, Shelby County leaders have started looking for talented and high-quality teaching candidates, who are pursuing their certification.  Shelby County saw that Sheri had the skills and characteristics of a great teacher. She was hired with the expectation that she would complete an alternative certification program in order to receive her teaching certification.

Putting Her Best Practices to Work

While working through the TeacherReady® program and teaching, Green is putting key teachings into practice. Sheri strives to make her classroom highly effective by incorporating many TeacherReady® best practices she has learned throughout the program. Green stated:

This program has given me a wealth of information that I was immediately able to apply in the classroom, and I have seen a significant change.

Best Practices: Have students line up outside the door.As a result of these best practices, Sheri has seen many positive changes in her classroom. For instance, having students line up quietly in the hallway before entering class. This act alone has resulted in increased positive behavior. Likewise, she is incorporating strategies, such as using graphic organizers, to assist with vocabulary and utilizing active reading modules to improve practices and the learning environment. In order to keep up with all the positive changes, Sheri has learned the importance of staying organized in the classroom.

“Each lesson I taught had a purpose and a goal. I feel it’s very important to communicate the standard and the learning target in a clear and concise way so that everyone understands what we are working on.”

Sheri has had a great year putting best practices into action at her school. Let Sheri’s best practices help you in your classroom!


Savannah Cox, TeacherReady®

Featured and Additional Image: Provided by Sheri Green • Additional Image: KQED News

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