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Be a teacher. No matter what one’s profession, one might argue that all of us are teachers; that is, all of us seek to engage others in something—carpentry, government, gardening, a product, the legal system, chemistry, reading, communicating—where the “something” often represents our passion and the subject of learning when we engage others. What’s our mission, then, as we engage or educate someone about our passion? As a teacher, it begins by being student-centric in every decision that I make to focus me on what is important to each student. This helps me focus my mission as a teacher, to:

Make sure students know I care about them;

Help students learn (more) complex tasks and become engaged learners; and

Improve student performance.

When we do this as teachers, we help children and young people become satisfied with what they need to feel successful and to do so with friends. As our focus centers on our students and building a relationship with them so that we can support and engage them, we help them improve student performance. That’s what we do as educators when we share our passion for learning.


Davis Guggenheim is an Academy Award-winning director. Teach is a documentary about four teachers and is directed by Guggenheim. In a clip from “behind the scenes of Teach” Guggenheim introduces the teachers that are portrayed in the documentary; he calls them “amazing people” and “heroes.” They are great teachers and they share their passion for learning. Check out the documentary’s trailer above. The teachers portrayed in Teach provide additional insight:

Share Your Love for Learning: The best teachers are the teachers who are always learners. (Lindsay Chinn)

Engage in Effective Planning and Preparation: [Students’] well-being and their future really depend on how well I prepare them for the next level. (Matt Johnson)

Focus on Continuous Improvement: In terms of the ideal teacher, I don’t know if I’ll ever get there 100%, but I’m just going to keep on going for it. (Joel Laguna)

Today when I stumbled upon the clips from the Teach documentary, I was reminded of why I chose to be an educator nearly 25 years ago… a mission to teach, to inspire, to make a difference. One of the clips, “Light a spark. Teach!” challenges viewers to consider a career in teaching because it can “change your life.” The clip reinforces that teachers have purpose, do worthwhile work, and make a difference in the lives of students… and great teachers help students learn that they have purpose, can do worthwhile work, and make a difference in the lives of others and the world we live in.


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