Back to School. Every Child, Every Day!

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Back to SchoolAs parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and friends, it’s likely that we have all celebrated Back to School with youngsters in our lives. In the book How Will You Measure Your Life, Christensen and his colleagues think about various aspects of their lives by asking what job they expect something to do for them. The authors translate this idea to children by posing this question: For any something children participate in, what do the children want that something to do for them? Their answer:

Children want to feel successful and do so with friends, every day.

As the youngsters in your life head back to school, check out their faces… there will be smiles all around! On their first day of school, they are eager to experience a learning environment where they feel successful and do so with friends, every day. This is our purpose as teachers and school leaders – to create meaningful classrooms and school learning environments that engage students – every child, every day.

The first days of school have arrived for many of us… and our students! We invite you to share your “Back to School” smiles and stories with us, in the comments section.


Source: Christensen, C. 2012. How Will You Measure Your Life? New York, NY: Harper Collins-Business.
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