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Ashford University Launches New Instructional Practice Specialization for Master of Arts in Education Degree Program

Ashford forms partnership with TeacherReady® that will prepare students to pursue licensure as a teacher in Florida

SAN DIEGO (February 24, 2016) – Ashford University has introduced a new Instructional Practice specialization for its Master of Arts in Education degree program. While the degree and specialization will prepare students for many different careers in education, the new specialization was specifically designed to include seven of the eight lessons that TeacherReady® requires to endorse students for licensure as teachers in the state of Florida. The Instructional Practice specialization is currently being made available to students residing in five states: Arizona, California, Florida, Nevada, and Michigan.

TeacherReady is a State of Florida approved, online alternative teacher certification program. Ashford formed a partnership with TeacherReady to provide master’s level students with a path toward licensure as a teacher. Under the partnership, students will have the opportunity to complete their Master of Arts in Education at Ashford while concurrently completing lessons through TeacherReady.

“This program specialization has embedded a unique partnership that not only enables students to earn their Master’s degree online, but also allows them to concurrently complete the majority of the requirements for earning their teaching credentials in the state of Florida,” said Dr. Newton Miller, program chair for the College of Education at Ashford University. “This is good news for the students we serve here at Ashford.”

Students who earn the Master of Arts in Education degree with the Instructional Practice specialization at Ashford may earn a teaching license or certification if they continue with the TeacherReady Program. If students complete all program requirements, TeacherReady will recommend those students to the Florida Department of Education for teacher licensure. After earning their professional license in the State of Florida, through reciprocity agreements with other states, students may be able to transfer the teaching license to their home state.

TeacherReady has been in operation for more than ten years. It has a proven track record of establishing student teaching experiences at schools. TeacherReady also provides students with personalized advising throughout the program to support them to achieve their goal to become a teacher.

For more information about the new Instructional Practice specialization and the Master of Arts in Education degree, please visit the degrees page at www.ashford.edu.


1LinkedIn TeacherReady - 300x330TeacherReady® is the state-approved Educator Preparation Institute of the NCATE accredited Professional Education Unit at the University of West Florida. Upon completion of TeacherReady, individuals earn a professional teaching certificate from the State of Florida. Visit the TeacherReady at http://TeacherReady.org or connect with us on Facebook to hear stories from the more than 1,200 TeacherReady teachers now making a difference as a classroom teacher. The TeacherReady curriculum is grounded in the Who’s Engaged? Student Engagement Framework.


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