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One way teachers engage students across their individual classrooms at the beginning of a school year is by collaborating to create a Class Mission Statement. The Mission Statement activity is an opportunity:

for teachers to get to know students and begin building a relationship with each of them. This is because students share and exchange ideas that personalize the classroom mission to themselves.

to synthesize individual comments received and build into a collective message.

to define behavioral and academic expectations and associated actions to help the learning community align the behavior to achieve.

to establish a safe learning environment.

Our newest class of TeacherReady teacher candidates are currently engaged in the Mission Statement activity. As part of the activity, we ask them to reflect on what they hope to learn and to think about what they think will be most helpful to them as a first year teacher. Here are a few of their responses:

I hope to learn how to successfully organize a classroom, create a curriculum and best engage my students in their own learning.

I hope to use the information that I gain as I matriculate through this program coupled with what I learned in college to mold me into a successful and inspiring teacher.

The most important thing I want to learn is how to reach each student individually, to ensure that no student is overlooked.

I hope to learn how to design engaging lesson plans in a way to make students think critically about what they are learning and to encourage them to explore their own learning styles.

I believe the most important thing to learn through this program is how to communicate to the students the importance of education.

I hope to learn how to be an amazing teacher. An amazing teacher knows how and when to push students to go that extra mile, knows when to let up, understands the mind set of his/her students and caters to their learning needs.

It’s been several years since I first stepped into a high school and middle school classroom for the first time. The responses of these new teacher candidates—the hope, the energy, and the enthusiasm in their messages—serves as a great reminder of the “why” we become educators and leaders in education. It’s about creating great classrooms for students to learn, feel successful, and achieve.

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