In addition to placements in over 400 public schools, TeacherReady teachers have been placed in 149 different international, private, and charter schools! These teachers are either currently enrolled in TeacherReady or have earned their professional teaching certification through TeacherReady. Below are their experiences with TeacherReady:

Private: I was pleasantly surprised, as I’d entered this field experience with my own personal biases toward private schools. How wrong was I?! I loved the school—the students, teachers, and administrators, It definitely was a great learning experience. The school was very welcoming and accommodating. It was as if I’d done them all a favor by being there.

Charter: Actually, I am a teacher for the charter school where I completed my field assignments. I was hired only a few weeks after I completed the TeacherReady program. Our school’s instructional program is unrivaled! I don’t think I could’ve found a better placement. Nicole, Charter School Teacher

I’m currently enrolled in the TeacherReady program and I have been hired to teach this fall! The program has given me the resources I need and I have found it to be exciting and stimulating. Nate, Private School Teacher in Florida

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