Available Low Interest Loans

The TeacherReady® Program qualifies for two continuing education loan options:

  • “Smart Option Loans” are offered through Sallie Mae. These are low interest loans sponsored by the federal government. Apply for a Sallie Mae Smart Option Loan at https://www.salliemae.com/student-loans/career-training-smart-option-student-loan/. The school code needed for the application for the TeacherReady program is 00395598.
  • “Wells Fargo Collegiate Loans” are offered through Wells Fargo Bank. These loans have a choice of fixed or variable interest rate options. Apply for a Wells Fargo Collegiate Loan at https://www.wellsfargo.com/student/. The School code needed for the application for the TeacherReady® program is 00395598.

Please email Lisa Burgess, lisa.burgess@studereducation.com if you apply for a loan or if you have questions.


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