TeacherReady teachers share their stories from around the world:

TeacherReady is a great option for anyone looking to get their teaching certification while they are living/teaching abroad. The entire staff was very helpful in answering any questions I had. They were also very accommodating when special circumstances (such as cultural differences) arose at my school. Thanks for helping me build a successful classroom for my students! Heather, South Korea

I live in Thailand and teach in international schools. As I don’t currently reside in the US, being able to complete my work online was very helpful. Having earned my certification, the job prospects in international schools have improved greatly, and the school I’m at now pays very well. I’m so glad I completed the program; it worked great for me. I have recommended this program to all my friends. Ted, Thailand

I am doing TeacherReady right now from Europe. It’s no problem. I sometimes contact friends in the US for some of the interviews or the staff is flexible. For example, I couldn’t go to a board meeting as I live abroad, but you can watch one online instead. Very flexible, they make it work. You just have to go to the States for the exams. Caroline

My biggest problem doing the TR program abroad (in Canada) was finding a local school to mentor me. I went through 3 schools before I finally found one that would take me on. That being said, the TR staff was incredibly helpful and supportive through this process.

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Martin: I am currently living and teaching abroad. Are there any teachers who have completed this program in order to teach internationally who could answer these questions?

This professional certificate will be good for five years correct? If I am not able to find a job within that time, what will be the result? What if I am teaching internationally? How do I complete the necessary “coursework or complete professional development as directed by your hiring school district” in order to renew my certification?

Would I have to return to the states three times to take the three different tests: Professional Knowledge, General Knowledge, and Subject Area Exams? I didn’t see any international testing sites, is this correct?

TeacherReady: A fellow student might also weigh in, but I can help you out too. Yes, your professional certificate is good for 5 years. If you are not teaching you contact the Florida Department of Education for requirements for renewing. This is usually a couple of classes. If you are teaching, there is a form you download from the Department of Education website where you include your professional development hours. Most teachers find they have enough from school in-services and trainings, but if not, you could take an in-service via the Internet. For the state tests, most of our international folks take them all at once when they happen to come in for a visit. We don’t want you to have to make 3 different trips. Some international students are able to test overseas, but only those who are affiliated with the military as they can request to take them at the education center on base. Hope this helps, Dr. Miller

Claudine: Hi Martin, I completed teacher ready while living overseas. I did my field experience at an American International school. I flew to the States 1 time and took all three exams. Upon completing TeacherReady I did the M.Ed. online at the University of West Florida (UWF). If you have any other questions, please call.

TeacherReady: International students, we have had a request from a potential student that would like to hear from TeacherReady students how your field experiences are/were completed. She is currently residing in Korea. Any information you can provide on this topic would be greatly appreciated.

Mariko: I live in Korea too… and am currently in Lesson 5. I’d be happy to help!

Robin: I would be interested in info also but I am in Germany and will be here until 2014.

Erica: My husband and I have both completed the program while living and working in Korea. We’d be happy to help out anyone who has questions about field experiences in international schools in Korea.

Ted: I completed the program while in Thailand, and currently teach at an international school in Thailand. This is the only program that worked for me while overseas… The only struggle is getting to a test center to complete the exams. Luckily, I was flying back to the US anyway, and then just added a trip for the exams. However, it is a factor to consider. If anybody needs more information, I’ll be glad to help.

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